The Film


"..this is an honest and rewarding portrayal of a place and people with an opportunity to finally choose their future." - Ben Keene, founder of Tribe Wanted

 "Lakka Beach truly captures the land and its people. I felt I was watching a poloroid develop over an hour and a half." - Allison David, PBS Afropop series writer



In Lakka, a picturesque beach village in post-conflict Sierra Leone, five villagers reveal the deepest and most profound moments of their lives. They tell stories about the ocean and the land, about war, love, hope, religion and about foreigners; tourism on the white heavenly beaches is nothing to what it was in the 1980s. Visitors stay away because of the recent war, a painful memory that the inhabitants are trying to forget...

This is a story about life after war.


 "Stories from Lakka Beach is a tale of resourcefulness and determination, coupled with a simple yet deep philosophy that will make the viewer meditate on what is really important in this life, and realise that no matter how hard things get, the ability to look towards a brighter future and see the positive side to everything will overcome any hardships." - West Africa Discovery

Project history:

Early 2006 filmmaker Daan Veldhuizen visited Lakka and Sierra Leone to teach documentary filmmaking to a West-African environmental NGO. After this first visit he co-founded an international initiative to improve the educational quality in Lakka and surrounding villages. Through this initiative, Daan spend extensive time in Lakka annualy and grew friends with the community.  They eventually granted him profound insights and an opportunity to produce Stories from Lakka Beach; an honest, funny and intimate documentary from the perspective of a post-conflict community.